Big Community Looking for Minecraft Leader

Hey Everyone!

Community Evolve is looking for a "Minecraft Branch Leader"! We are a
gaming community of about 800 members and are very active in our 6
branch games (Minecraft, Halo 4, Halo Reach, MW3, Madden13, BO2). It's
tons of fun and great people in Community Evolve.

The Minecraft Branch Leader Responsibilities:

* Supervise Staff of 3

* Interact with staff and members frequently

* Implement Games, Events, Tournaments, Creative Activities, Competitions, Camps within the Minecraft Branch

* Motivate and Encourage staff to be active and follow Community Evolve rules

* Oversee and Run Prize Tournaments/Building Competition (Prizes/Awards Provied by Community Evolve)

* Making Sure All members are having fun and have things to do and interacting with other members.

* Creating and Administering Recruitment Tactics



1. Fun, Positive Personality

2. Have the Game Minecraft on xbox

3. Active in Minecraft

4. Very Knowledge in Minecraft Building, Mini Games, and servers.

5. Creative, and have hosting experence (Host minecraft games with friends)

6. Mature and Respectful and know how to Lead

7. Have access to a Computer

8. Great with communicating with people

9. Did i mention ?...... Fun, Positive Personality

10. Have a Mic

We really hope their is someone out here that's up for
the amazving exciting and fun challenge within Community Evolve. If you
feel you meet Requirements and "Got This!" just mgs me on Xbox (Imdaway)
or reply to this post. Hope to here from ya! Hey Below is futher
details about Community Evolve.

"Community Evolve" is recruiting !

About US:

We are a community of gamers looking and having a fun
exciting time. Our main focus is on the Halo Franchise (Halo 4 ,
Reach,ODST,Halo3, Wars,ect..)but we do host many events and challenges
in other games such as Minecraft,MW3,Mass Effect,Black opts and other
well known games. We don't base acceptance on skill alone ,we don't just
look for good skill we look for good people. We are growing rapidly but
don't accept everyone, but I can't assure you if you ask any member of
Community Evolve" what they think of us, they will say "I'm having a

Our Motto:

KIP = Keep it Positive

Our Slogan:

"We can work on your skill,but not your Character".

What we Do:

* Weekly Tournaments (friendly and competitive you choose)

* Weekly Trainings. (Callout Training, Perfection Training,Forum
Training, Skill Training, and many more you can choose to attend).

* Bootcamps twice a week ( We practice our protocols,strategies,and how to take over maps as a team)

* Facebook Challeges

* Movie Night (we play a new release movie at our website for members to chat and watch)

* Custom Games

* Forge Events

* Meetings & Staff oppurtunities

* And Much more that only members CAN KNOW !!!!!!!

How to get involve:

Just 1st visit our site and have a look
around( and if you are still intereseted just reply
to this thread or send me a message via Xbox live stating that you are
interested in joining CE. We do have a quick tryout process just to see
of your right for CE. Don't worry there are no ranks,and long approval
process and timeless requirments. We just are a laid back community
offering FUN FUN FUN to our members so they won't get bored! So check us
out NOW!!


Microsoft points

Map Packs

Newest Games (Farcry, BO2, Halo 4, Walking Dead)


Gift Cards


Award Certificates

Post Count

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And much more that only members know!!!



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Imdaway! In probally about two months you will be up too a 1000 members and you mean to tell me out of all the great people in Community Evolve there is noone for this, Your going outside the Community for this position?

Hi there would like to try out for this position I am rank number 248 on the leaderboards for minecraft I am always playin minecraft and love teaching ppl new things. Would be honored to have this position. Would also let you know I am an xbox ambassador as well. Hit me up for what I need to do!

Like being an ambassador means anything anymore.



I would like to be a MC clan leader, how much does it pay?

Thanks For your Comments and Feedback But this position has been fill.

Hey there ImDaWay!  In the future, please make any clan posts in the Clan Discussion section. :)

He never said how much the position paid!

Being an ambassador means nothing anymore, people who aren't ambassadors are more helpful around the forums.

Thank You, my apoligies.