BFG questionnaire

1.  Out of Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Missions, which one is your favorite and why?

A.  Resurrection of Evil.

B.  The Lost Missions.

A.   Love the new enemies, the new weapons/abilities, and the bosses.  The Artifact (heart thingy)  is beyond cool.  Especially once you get it fully powered up.  

2.  How long have you spent playing Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3?  

A.  Not very long.  

B.   Just enough to get the achievement.

C.  Kept going after the achievement.  Turkeys must die!

C.  The sounds they make when you punch them never gets old haha.   Every time I come across the game, I have to play it for a bit.  

3.  Favorite special item?

A.  Soul Cube.  

B.  The Artifact.  

A.  The Artifact's three powers were cool, but I love it when after you kill a number of enemies, that voice says, "Use us."  Then it kills the enemy in one hit and gives you health.  It reminds me of the box from Hellraiser.  

4.  New id Software game you'd like to see the most?

A.  Doom 4

B.  Quake 5

C.  Rage 2.

D.  Wolfenstein.  

B.  Doom 4 of course, followed by Quake, Wolfenstein, and Rage.

5.  Hours spent in each campaign?

A.  Doom 3: 14 hours

B.  ROE: 5 hours

C.  TLM:  2.5 hours

6.  New Flashlight?

A.  Love it.

B.  Hate it.  

Both.  I miss the panic of having to choose between seeing or shooting lol.  Smacking the zombies with the end of the flashlight never got old.  It made a satisfying sound.  But it's nice to be able to switch it on fast while gunning down something.  

7.  Person who made you the most uneasy?

A.  Betruger.  

B.  Dr. Elizabeth McNeil (ROE).

C.  Sarge.  

B.  Surprisingly Betruger's one eye thing going on didn't make as nervous as the red-haired lady.  Overall not surprising because red-haired people always put me on edge.

8.  Favorite weapon?

The BFG is as always sick, but I have to go with the Rocket Launcher.  Very deadly, 5 rockets per clip, and it reloads fast.  Second is the chainsaw of course.  

9.  Most hated enemy?

Pinkies (Those giant dog thingys).  I hate them because they don't sit there and shoot at you.  They just charge you.  I usually panic and run backwards as I shoot haha.  

10.  Opening Doom 3 song?  

A.  Love it.  

B.  Hate it.  

A.  Love it.  An angry song is perfect for Doom 3.  

11.  Most favored difference in this version?

A.  Graphics.

B.  Flashlight.  

C.  Ammo tweak.

A.  Graphics.  They look so good compared to the older version on Xbox.  Some parts look well dated, but overall I was impressed with how good it looks.  

12.  Spiderbots make you feel?

A.  Stop stealing my kills!

B.  Warm and comfy on the inside.  I want one.  

B.  After going through by myself for hours at a time, they're a welcome sight.  I usually follow close behind with my shotgun and blast the things that teleport in all around.  



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Number 3, the soul cube becomes your best friend on nightmare!!! and you even start the game with it.

Wait are you kidding?  If not that's awesome you can start the game with the Soul Cube. Is it just a Nightmare thing, or does it happen after you complete the game?

Its just nightmare well on the pc anyway I havnt got that far on this version yet, however you get it for a reason your health constantly drops by 5 points every few seconds until it reaches 25% you have to clear areas fast and be clever with the cube if you want to survive.

Now that you mention it I remember trying it on the original Xbox.  I beat Dead Space 2 to completion, and beating Hardcore with only 3 saves allowed was very intense.  Beating Nightmare sounds just as intense, if not more..  

It wasnt too bad I got as far as hell but my pc monitor was old and dark so I could barely make the level out so I gave up there I will do it on this version though.