BFBC2 Vietnam Hardcore Attack Commentary - Motivate the team


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WOW real nice video thats what team work is all about.and nice pointers to about how to play the game....

nice video LLamasmasher some good tips there my friends & I use a good tactic called smoke & mirrors gets the enemy team everytime heehee :)  

Thanks guys.

@David - Whats the smoke and mirrors technique? I am always interested in new tactics.

Smoke and Mirrors, I'll guess it's using Smoke for cover and to get to the Objective, Mirrors might be the distractions?, with a Tank being a great Distraction a Tank with Smoke... could be the Smoke and Mirrors tactic.

Lol ill tell ya if you promise not to use it against me lol. Well basically this tactic can only be effectively used in modern lobbies but is doable in vietnam with a flamethrower ill go into the vietnam version later. Oks to do this tactic you need 3 squadmates at least the squad should consist 1 assault with smoke grenades a medic & either an enginereer with rockets or another assault with grenade launcher. To start the squad moves quickly towards an objective in a diamond formation therefore insuring more of a chance of breaking through the enemies lines yes sometimes 1 or 2 squadmates may get shot here but you should break through if you feel the area is safe enough you may revive any fallen squadmates quick med kits etc the formation should be formed like this assault in front & medic & enginereer/assault on the left or right flank works either way if you have 4 players form into a square formation 4th squadmate can be any class he/she likes except recon if your not able to break through the lines in the 1st few tries probe another area to break through once the squad reaches the objectives the assault with smoke grenades quickly launches 2 smoke grenades to the left & right of the objective & then runs toward the objective & attempts to arm it meanwhile the other squadmates the medic & enginereer/ assault take up positions which mirror each other but spaced out therefore providing suitable cover but must have a good shooting view of the objective these squadmates jobsis to make sure the objective is not disarmed once armed & the smoke is up the enginereer/assault task is to fire grenades or rockets next to the objectives every 15 secs or when movement is seen the medics job is to place a med kit next to him/herself & then to make sure his mirror squadmate is not killed & to revive if safe if the assault has not been killed during the arming of the objective he/she takes up a random position but not to faraway from the other squadmates & in smoke grenades shooting range of the objective as you may need to refresh the smokescreen if there is a 4th squadmate the squad forms into a wide square around the objective in mirror positions 2 squadmates should have eyes on the objective at all times while the other 2 can take out enemies runing towards the objective attempting to disarm it this tactic is extremely effective in maps where objectives are outside or in large buildings once objective has been destroyed your squad may then move onto the next objective but take a few moments to reload heal etc if that was the last objective in its set the squad should then gather together & give out ammo & med kits once the next set of objectives are available to arm the squad should move towards them as soon as possible this will stop the enemy being able to form a line of defence repeat as needed hope this tactic helped if you have any questions about the smoke & mirrors tactic feel free to message my xbox account Davidw7310 & ill be happy to answer them.      

Nice David man i need to join your team and try this......

Feel free to add me if you like taste my blade & your welcome to join our squad

Nice video.  Well done.  I like that you are not trying to boss everyone like some of these vids do.