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Am new to this forum and with posting on looking for some mature bfbc2 gamers that dont care about there skill and k/ 37 and love bfbc2 just a big kid i guess thanks for any reply.and add me if this is you....later

You say you're looking for mature gamers, but then you say you're just a big kid. I don't see you finding any mature gamers who want to play with a 37 year old who acts like a kid :\

You should try asking/looking in the BFBC2 forum. Just follow the yellow brick road...

Hey bro, are you a dad???  Check my sig, we have been playing BFBC2 every night now with around 4-5 of us.  Can't wait for BF3.  Oh, and we're not too mature either, so no worries there.  LOL

I don't see why this is not the place to look, some people that play BF might be turned off by how some act in that forum. Also, if you do look over in the BF forum, I would look into the UXF guys, they seem to be laid back group of people and they are from all over the world.

I have found a place called home so thanks for all the replys............later