BFBC2 Daytage | Aggressive recon by Freedblackdeath

My montage using the recon class. All clips were recorded in 1 day from my xbox 360 using a dazzle. The montage focuses more on gameplay rather than editing.


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Well you always get a few idiots in games, but you always get them on both teams. Although most people see a recon and think easy kill because a lot of those idiots end up using the recon class.

Good stuff. Some of the people you were playing against were tards though :p But that happens, very nice gameplay nonetheless.

I do that once in a blue moon but

A - I'm not as good


B - I'm a noob, I need an ACOG or Red Dot.

I know of that, but at some moments only your view moves from what I saw. Kind of threw me off is all. I liked the 3+ knife kills.

It's called z-dodging, you pretty much move left and right while moving forward allowing you to dodge at least some of the enemies bullets. It's mainly used on PC but can work on console like some of the clips.

Seems okay. What's with the random camera shaking from left to right at random moments?