BFBC2 Core Commentary - Nelson Bay - I hate ACOG's



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I only use the M416 and UMP with 4x scope with magnum ammo. Oh and I never leave the crouching position

I used to use Acog all the time but have now found red dot to be much better on assault weapons and iron sights on engineer weapons.just preference really.

I only use different sights when I'm playing Assault.

Call me odd but I use 4x on the M16, pp-2000; red dot / ironsights on the UMP-45 and 9A-91 (really odd to use with ironsights)

I use ACOG if the situation fits. Don't go into battle without it on heavy metal and such.

I did use it all the time on most weapons,but after trying red dot a bit i found it to feel a little more accurate for me.I tend to prefer iron sights on UMP and XM8c cos they are very accurate weapons anyway and then i can have extra explosives.I do love Acog with LMGs though!

XM8c has the best sight on the SMGs hands down. I kill people from across Atacama desert with the iron sights.

Good video. I subbed.

I don't like red dots or acog's on any weapon, just prefer the iron sights. AKS-74u has the best sights in the game by a mile for me though. Just very easy for me to use.