BFBC2 Clan !!WANTS YOU!! to join our Military

We are a BFBC2 / BF3 clan. This clan has been restarted from ORC, it is new to BF, but ViciouSxGeneraL has run this clan for 5 years, and now we are going to have a unstopable team, our record still stands at 208-0 Underground Clan Battles. We do clan battles for fun now. we have an airforce marines and an army. we also have a boot camp for those who want to learn skills(flying driving tanks etc)
CLAN OWNERS/LEADERS-ViciouSxGeneraL Mobius 11729
ARMY-these Soldiers will be the backbone of the ORC Military, Driving Tanks and other Vehicles, Will be Incharge of backing up and helping the Marines push the enemy out of the area, These Soldiers (IF NEEDED) can call for Evac's, Air Support, get in the helicopter for a Drop on to the front lines. These Soldiers will take orders from the (HRO).
MARINES-These Soldiers are the Heavy Hitters of the Army, These troops will be the front line of every battle, They need to be trigger happy shooters but be able to listen to orders that may not be repeated, They Lead the rest of the army into battle. These Soldiers will be helping the army get past and destroy the enemy. These Soldiers will take orders from the (HRO) during matches.
AIRFORCE-These Soldiers are the PILOTS of the ORC Military. They will be incharge of Dropping Troops into Combat, Provide Evac's for Troops if needed, give Support to Soldiers, Provide Intel on enemy encampments, Neutralize all enemy Air units. These Airmen will take orders from Higher Ranking Officials (HRO).
must speak english (we allow any country)
ages-14 and up
Mature Players


if you have questions message any of the leaders.


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well... I do need someone to teach me how to fly  a chopper....

are you guys also on vietnam and how old r u?

"ages-14 and up" Lol, its a 16+ game... nice.

well oreos im currently 18 and we have alot of older players that like to listen and play. message me on live to talk more thank you

nuttulamb yes we can teach u how to do anything u want in the clan we have only been alive for 7 days but we now have 22+ members

Ok first off NEVER EVER call a Marine a soldiers. A Marine is a Marine. I was going to check you guys out and maybe offer to help but the whole calling a Marine a soldier, no respect.

I say we offer the help Adkinson if they want it. You know me, always trying to help out other teams. For reference though..

Army - Soldiers

Marines - Marines

Navy - Sea man

Air Force - Air man

We aren't trying to knock your team, but if you want to be taken seriously while trying to simulate military units it is best, in my opinion, to be as accurate as possible.

The 17th MEU should be able to show you boys how to crank out Marines.