The Battlefield Bastards are now recruiting!

Do you want to be part of a new clan that is ready to take on all comers?
Would you like to get in on the ground floor and help with administration?
Are you interested in helping coordinate the structure of squads and teams?
All ages of gamers are welcome, but maturity is a must.
A strong push to form a competition Capture the Flag team is ongoing!

Clantag: BFB - the BattleField Bastards

Playstyle: Mostly hardcore. We do not camp, but rather hold down strategic locations based on defensive style of play. We also play plenty of run and gun when needed.

Rules: Just ask for members to be active on website and in games.

Requirements: Maturity is a must, but we take all ages if they prove themselves to be mature. Dedication is a must as well. We are considering changing gamertag to reflect clan tag too, but that is not a requirement.

Contact: Xbox Live - jsbrando or caeser11.

We're looking for active gamers who want to use good communication!
We're looking for active gamers who want to use strategy to win matches!
We're looking for the rare gamers who can excel in competitions!
We're looking for the proud, the strong, and the courageous!
We're looking for some good Bastards!

If you think you fit this profile, or even if you don't, check us out at




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