BF4 with Origin

How do I connect/link the XB1 to my origin account to play multiplayer?


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The question I'm asking myself is "why the heck do I need to have an Origins account to play online????".

I went through some fun with EA's customer support, but if you already have an Origin ID, you need to use the computer-based Origin client to attach the ID to your Live account. You have to go to the "add friends" menu and go through the Xbox Live link-up workflow (you know, because that is intuitive). There's absolutely no way to do this via EA's or Origin's websites.

For someone like me, who doesn't (and would never) use the filth that is Origin on my computer, this wasn't worth it and I just entered a new ID in the field when signing on to multiplayer on the Xbox. I feel really bad for DICE, creating a pretty good game and having EA stuff Origin into it.

This is the dumbest thing I've ever had to face when dealing with a new game. It has a email address I forgot I had from 9 years ago. And when I put my ID in say it's in use to someone else. NO SH*T I am the other person trying to make the worlds merge so I can play online. EA games please go away and burn Origin before you go.

lol ...good luck guys on getting honest customer support with either XBL or EA (origin) ....I had a recent issue where an error message wouldn't let me play, EA/Origin said my email was no longer valid on BF4's main menu ...when I entered a new alternate email I often use it said something about the same email (which it clearly wasn't) the end it turned out to be a glitch that righted itself the next day or two, prior to that though I contacted EA/Origin support online and they told me to contact XBL and XBL told me to contact EA/Origin ...both said it was the others fault and therefore "not their responsibility" ...if Texas Roadhouse cooked my dinner like this ...I'd be getting a free meal