Bf4 testing me

Bf4 is really pissing me off today 4 games and all 4 iv been out either back to the dashboard or the game has restarted

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Have you tried the trouble shooting guides on how to prevent it...? I know they fixed a ton of the problems in MP update 4.

It's been faultless for me uptill now

I actually only got MP to start working after the latest patch. However the MASSIVE SP Save File deletion still occurs. It is testing me too. I was almost done with it too... I am sure I will go back soon enough. Its still so good when it works!

Every time I consider trying out this game, I see threads like this. Is this game really as bad as some of the threads I've seen make it seem?

It really depends on the servers. I stay in my region and never do quick matches.

I haven't been on in a few days, but I haven't had issues in weeks, since the release of the patch.

The game is very good.

Goth no after this rant I had 6 very good games

I had quite a few issues using "Quick Match" yesterday, mostly kept getting .. "Lost Connection To Servers" ..  using the Server Browser and going to Favourites worked a lot better.

I sort of expected issues over the Christmas period, more people online etc but I personally still feel really let down by EA/DICE, in my opinion there's no-way this game should have been released when it was and when you get DICE own developers tweeting .. "It will take more than few updates to get this in a proper working order" ...  I have a feeling it's going to be a bumpy ride for quite a while yet.

The real shame of it is a lot of my friends who I've reg played BF with in the past have already given up on it, traded it in etc so when/if it ever works properly I'm wondering if anyone I know will still be online playing it lol