bf4 players on xbox 1

Hi guys & girls, I am recruiting for RoG Revolution of Gaming. We have an awesome Xbox One Battlefield 4 Brigade. We have event, graphics, and recruitment teams. If you have any questions, or would like to join, please message me back
to apply for the website follow these simple steps

step 1

-Go to “Click Here 2 Register!” 
-Set referrer to jasonjason1875
-Match username as gamertag to make it easier for us to know who you are.
-Go back to click Rog brigades at the top >click join a brigade> join RoG Nemesis

Step 2:

Click Misc. Tab at top of the rog website>click UserGroups> scroll down to rog nemesis>click join group bubble/button> click join group box>type any request reason
if you have any questions send a message to me or RoG Shawzborne

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