BF4 Beta

So I cleared more room from my HD and after playing about 2 hrs I am wondering why ?

#1 ....Could never even get into a Conquest map.........."You have been disconnected from session" should be a maps name...Trust me it would be the most popular map by far.  

#2...I realize its a Beta ....Graphics and gameplay  are average at best.

#3...Guns seem weak

#4..Personally I Love the new kill cam

Thats it.........................

Honestly playing kinda bored me. There was really no WOW factor. Nothing popped or said I need this game. I am not sure releasing this is a good DICE move for future sales. ALso lloking at ranks playing ...there were not allot of guys over 1or2 which tells me people are trying it out then moving on to something else

I am sure I will buy it but not right away. I will sit tight and see what platform seems to excel and then make my move.


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Is it an actual killcam or does it just show a stupid view of the guy that killed you? (Like CoDs or BF3s)?

Stupid view. Honestly I dislike it. It's the same crap as BF3 telling everyone your position, yet this time with an orange glow illuminating your true position.

Oh boy.

Whoever's been one starring posts is completely off the plot with those two ratings. xD

I dont rate, or ever have rated.

They should just remove the rating system.

Game is average.

Does not feel like a positive development from BF3 so delivers a weird BFBC 3 type feeling.

After playing an hour or so I'm left thinking there is no need to purchase this game on current formats- but instead wait and purchase for Xbox One to benefit from increased player numbers and any graphical improvements...

BF2MC released on Xbox 360 after OG Xbox and PS2 releases and it was good.

Hopefully BF4 on Xbox one/Ps4 with 64 players online will be that upgrade this version is lacking.

I honestly haven't cared for graphics. They're nice, but they don't make a game. I'd much rather a higher frame rate than improved graphics any day.

Is it in Open beta yet I don't early access on the consoles and want to play with a few console friends.

I played about ~4 hours and it's pretty fun don't think I'll put more then like 10 hours into as I put 50ish into the BF3 beta and I was pretty bored when the game came out as I already played it a lot. The weapons feel like they have more weight but I've only tried the SCAR-H and AR-12. When I have all the weapon in my hands(Mainly the FAMAS) I'll make my final call. I love the fact you can remove the mini-map and put it on another screen for a 1080p version. Also the new Deploy screen is amazing. Levelation is ok and the new Medic pack system is what I have been asking for since BC 1. You can miss revs way to easy the hit box is to small imo.

sounds good.  

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