BF4 beta not showing up for download? Here's how to fix it!

Click the video and in it, I show you how to get the Battlefield 4 Beta to show up on your dashboard for you to download it!


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So you like the 360 version of the BF4 beta?

OK I see NO promo for BF4 beta BUT I am LEET! an I do have a corrupted profile.. <<< AGAIN!!<<<  an it is on a uk gold with no profile, SO Im guessing I have to fix my EVER LOVING profile first....

All you have to do is go into the system memory from the dashboard, go into the game saves, find BF3 and delete your player profile. When you boot the game back up and log on it reestablishes your profile just as it was before. I had to do this very thing myself since I had a "corrupt profile" message a month ago.

thanks DTW it worked!  now I jus need to wait for them to hopefully fix this Beta BF4 download, MS fault ? OR DICE fault?  I liked it better when they used to just email us redeem codes BACK in the good ole days..( for Betas )

I should have intentionally given you false directions which resulted in an undesirable outcome since I'm full of crap. Right? lol  No worries. Glad to help.

success!!!! Im a Canadian see!  LOL  so I have to change my locale  to OBAMA  Nation!!  (USA)