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So I was watching this video and at about the 6:30 mark he talks about how the **** class can now switch the Grenade launcher for the Defibs and that the **** class is essentially the medic class now. If that's true does that mean the Heavy gunner class may now carry a mortar strike? Of course that is just speculation but since I haven't been keeping up with BF3 all that much it was pretty interesting.

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Assault Class is also a medic Class if you Choose.  You can choose assault and decide between M203  or Medic Specilization.

The Support Class has returned to Ammo giver  and Supression specialist.. you ge tpts for suppressing the enemy.

there has been no announcement on the Mortar strike  If Recon or  Support class will have it  or if it will actually be in the game at all now.

basically they went back to the 2142 setup.. which get's rid of the LMG rambo medics everywhere.

: (   I like being an LMG rambo medic.

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It's going back it's roots, LMG medics were the worst idea made by DICE.


Kind of unrealistic if you think about it. The guys who are supposed to be running around saving people are carrying the heaviest gun for an infantryman.

They're making it more like how MF2 and 2142 were in terms of classes. Medics are no long the heavy toting gun maniacs on the field.

It's going back it's roots, LMG medics were the worst idea made by DICE.

Support class as ammo giver? So unlimited ammo LMGs? so no rambo medics just Rambo rambos.