BF3 Tourney. (If you're interested)

I'm feeling helpful for a change.

If you do not know already, Virgin Gaming is hosting a giant tourney in 2012 (guessing Jan.) for consoles only. There is going to be 1.6 million dollars in cash and prizes. What I know so far, is you have to have a team (do not know the number of players per team yet) and you have to pass an online qualifier. If you pass, Virgin Gaming will fly you out to the location of where the main tourney will be.

You can register at

Could be kind of fun

p.s if anyone else has any other info on this, feel free to add. Thanx in advance.


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signed up for this but it said the tournament was not for my area :/

More then fun this will be BEAST

US based only, Virgin Gaming don't host any tournaments for us guys in the UK. =(

i live in chicago and it said that the tournament was not avail in my area :( so maybe some parts of the us

so how is virgin gaming hosting it without private match options in the game?


how are they hosting a tournament if you cant create a private match?