BF3 - Says my son is too young?? WTF??

I just bought 2 copies of this game and me and my son are ready to play.  Why in the hell would they block the game from someone paying the game.  Gears of War 3 is 20 times gruesome than BF3 and yet they did not do this.  There is no fix on the internet no where.  You can't change the age of any account.  Even if you set the child account to adult its does not work.   Its like once EA detects you're too young then you can not play.  I did not spend over $100 so I could stare at the box.  Its lets my son play local but not multi-player ... so where is the justification???  I'm trying to speak with support now to see what they have to say.  If anyone has a fix please advise below. 


And please only respond if you are here trying to help.  keep your comments about age restriction and what ever else that doesn't have to do with me solving my problem to yourself!



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alright, since this thread is just bringing in a lot of flak (and the fact that it's been dead since november), i'm going to go ahead and shut it down, though i will leave a little insight on the matter.

games have an esrb (entertainment software rating board) rating; which isn't a law, but more of a guideline for content found in games. retailers must abide by these guidelines (i.e. if it's rated "m for mature", the retailer legally cannot sell the item to a minor under the age of 17) because it's a law. although you may give consent for your child to play said games, these guidelines are also enforced by some companies (ea, for instance) which disallow members of the gaming community access to their services because of their age (and the rating on the title). these companies are simply doing exactly what they're supposed to be doing, which is the issue you're facing.

it may be an inconvenience to you, but these policies and practices are in place to protect the companies that enforce their rules. i would assume that you have created a child account for your child (or the date of birth that was entered during the account creation was that of a minor) on your console, which prohibits that person from accessing mature rated content on the xbox live marketplace and in some games that enforce that rule. your only solution to this is to wait until that account has reached the correct age to promote it from a child account to an adult account on xbox live.

it's not ea's fault, nor is it microsoft's fault. they're just the rules of the industry. these terms and conditions were agreed to the moment you created the account (the terms of service that you pressed "a" to agree to, yet most people don't read), and the ea agreement you also agreed to when you signed onto their services from the game. (i.e. that other large text box nobody bothers to read yet agree to anyway).

I'm just wondering why no one has pointed out that perhaps the kid should spend more time on schoolwork than in front of the TV?  If the OPs spelling / grammer are any indication, he's going to need it...

If EA says the kid is too young for their servers, then the kid is too young for their servers.  

The question should be why did they put in the kids age in the first place if the ratings don't matter to them?

A parent should set an example for their children on how to behave in any type of society.  Reacting the way the OP has when people have an issue with what he has posted is not good parenting.  The kid is on the way to being a D student with anger management issues, just saying...  

Happy New Year!!! :)

i agree Randver what a lot of people fail to realize is that Free speech is there but has big limits Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship. The term freedom of expression is sometimes used synonymously, but includes any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used. In practice, the right to freedom of speech is not absolute in any country and the right is commonly subject to limitations, such as on libel, slander, obscenity, incitement. people think they can say what ever they want be no they cant. freedom of speech is not covered in the private sector. public areas yes it is but if im at work, ect. i would watch what i say

Says the guy who hands his toddler knives and guns and uses him for his crummy, homemade rap videos... Oh and who questions the sexuality of those who disagree with him...or simply refers to them as 'female' . Yea a real role model here edit: as this seemingly will not quote on this tablet...I was referring to king of killaz

here is where i stand. anyone can play the game but its  parents like you who do say oh my kid can play this even if it is rated M but when they see the kid playing it and dont like what they see they turn around and sue the game maker for exposing your kid to violence. dont believe me gta  is the example. to me ea has this in place to not only keep kids who are too young to play but also covers the from being sued. and its because of   parents who bought a game for there kids and did not take the rating into consideration.

Hi I'm having the same problem I accept my son can't play online but i want to but his account has the gold membership is there a work around for this as it's his Xbox, plz message me back on xbl antnil8tr.

I found a solution!! ANYONE CAN PLAY. I'm not going to post this on the forum. However, PM me, and I'll do some final testing, and gladly PM you back with the solution.

That's just it. I can't even get to the EA account sign up page on a family sub-account. As soon as you accept EA's terms, it immediately states that the "player is too young."


[quote user="Dom9360"]

XBL family gold accounts can be for adults as they can e setup that way. It's a bull practice.

[/quote]no, if it was an adult's account they could have an Adult EA account.

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