BF3 needs hint messages in the loading screen.


Did you know?: Moving with your sqaud and making use of all viechles on the map will increase your chances of victory.

And when you die while sitting perfectly still while in prone/crouch like a BFBC2 sniper on a mountain. You get the Epic Fail message.   




They seriously need a hint screen to let them know how it is supposed to be played. I'm happy we can allow more than four players in the squad though some of these public players are clueless. I hate how I am the only engineer battling three or four tanks sometimes.


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Maybe an entire tutorial you have to pass before even getting to play online...

That's not a bad idea.  Sometimes I need a reminder.

The tutorial for 1943 was pretty good, more importantly it gave the player a chance to practice flying.

A Tutorial would be nice but the only problem is you would still get the "snipers" (aka CoD kids) just saying "skip it" and go straight into "sniping" their little hearts content in their first game played.

Just make sure they're not like Call of Duty's, "Point the riot shield at the person shooting you for maximum effectiveness".

they should bring in training a bit like americas army did (only played the first one years a gonot sure if the more modern ones did it too) where you started as a regular soldier and could only access other soldier types by passing the required trainning .