BF3 My Soldier Customization Options Revealed

Hey guys, dunno if anyone posted this but there's a video showing the customization options avaialble for your soldier. Pretty cool you can change the camo on your guy!

I get the feeling everyone's gonna be rocking the Spec Ops Black though :p


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Nice...this should be nice for guys in 8 man parties...1 squad in all 1 color, etc. Lol.


I like the Paratrooper camo...but the all black on the Russian engineer with the gas mask is gonna look unbelievably sexy.

Ughhh you have to unlock your Dog Tags.  Fine.

1 internet will be awarded to you. Looks purty kewl.

LOL... wow after seeing all the uniforms you can unlock... Best Buy BF3 preorder people must be wondering if they made the right choice preordering at Best Buy??  :)



nice vid. Had no idea this was even a feature. Ive been trying to minimize my BF intake for more surprise when I actually get the game.