BF3 multiplayer is why it will fail against MW3

The interface and the servers are absolutely pathetic. 1. Can't join a squad before entering a game. 2. Can't Join friends that are in a game,(unless maybe they send you an invite) 3. Ever after joining a game from an invite, from someone on your friend's list, you probbaly won't even be on their team. 4. Sick and tied having my stats loaded in the menu selection, then entering game as a complete rookie. 5. Playing an entire, LONG game, and at the game ending screen, loosing connection to the server and the servers not saving any progression accomplished during the game. All MW3 has to do in a 2 weeks, is address any of the above issues and it will be a completely less frustrating game than BF3, and the MW3 disc will be the one staying in the console. Having played this game, or trying to, and my brother just trying to get into a game with me, let alone on the same squad and to use the one unlocked weapon he did use - has been a frustrating experience that we both decided to be buying MW3 already. BF3 multiplayer is goign to drive a lot of MW3 sales. I knew EA would not get this right.

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Have fun with MW2.5.

I can't believe these types of posts continue to be written.  I just wish they would all be deleted. And I mean that for any game that has to deal with trolls and fanboys.

Have fun with Call of Duty 4.1 - 2011: Modern Warfare 2.5

They won't fix the servers for MW3, because they won't have any. I'll take a few server issues at launch any day as opposed to the persistent lag, however small, seen in CoD's peer to peer garbage.

I can't wait for MW3 to come out too! Then Battlefield will be really good. All the Call of Duty folks will want to play their game and I will want to play mine! IT'S A WIN-WIN SCENARIO! I personally have not encountered any of these issues, so I 'm sorry I'm no help there, but happy gaming either way my friends!

Yeah, I'm not having any problems connecting either. Initially I had problems but the servers were down for a few hours on release, so that's probably why. Since then everything has ran pretty well. If I pick a 5 bar server I never have problems, though sometimes I play with friends in other countries, when they pick the servers I notice there is lag. Other than those things I have not had any problems.

You found a way to invite people into a squad lobby, to join the same game, on the same team, at the same time?  How?

Give it time, new releases always have issues the week after release. Yes, even precious CoD had networking issues. These are all problems that WILL be sorted out.


you cant join a friend in progress because the match is always full.

you can make a squad before joining a match

basically your complaining about non-existant problems

Yes you can join a squad before joining a game.

Yes you can join friends that are in a game.

there are no guarantee  that you will be on the same team in any CoD game, so your point is invalid at best.

everything else you have stated is pointless because you can even give you preliminary argument any validity.

I have no idea what you are hoping for, that some one will see your post and believe you line of BS.

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