bf3 jet rams

(RANT) Ive been wondering this for awhile but, does anyone know why the heck dice puts jets rams in?  The only thing their used for is team kills in your guys opinions do they add anything to the game?   They usually don't get under my skin but today me and my buddy in the atk heli im on a 105 kill streak and guess what a TEAM MATE joins and takes about 20 passes until he finally kills us then he quits.  I mean really?  The jet rams don't add to the game, and let me be clear it's not the jets that bug me we can kill them no problem in the heli its just the rams. 


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Well, speaking from experience, I only ever jet ram by accident. I'll be strafing a helicopter and accidentally slam into misjudging the distance and predicting the chopper pilots flight pattern. When scrandoms do it? It's usually on purpose cause they have no other means of taking you down. I don't honestly mind, it IS annoying but I see it in a superior way. They can't kill me normally so they have to revert to... ahh, "dog tactics".

People jet ram you to get a reaction just like the one you just gave.

Most of the time it's accidental for me.