BF3 HD Texture - is this really HD or am I missing something....

All my other Xbox games look great but BF3 looks really soft..... On my dashboard my video settings are at 1080i.

Running the game off the disk and I have a slim with a hard drive attached. This is where i installed the HD texture pack.

Should delete it off the HD and put it on the internal memory? 
Under video options I only see "brightness" is this normal?



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err I guess it wont install on the on the 4gb slim.....

any other ideas as to why it look so soft?

It's not you. They're not bad, but they're definitely not HD. They're slightly above average imo and that's not a bad thing. If anyone expected the console graphics to look even remotely close to the  PC graphics they're delusional. I think we should all be extremely happy that the graphics don't look like they did in the beta, I know I am.

Try 720p. 1080i is the highest my TV has but i switched it over to 720p. I can't reference where but i did this from reading that progressive scan looks better for videogames than interlaced. And there is no 1080p games for the 360. So 720 is your best bet. I can't say it will help your scenario. I think my game looks slightly better than Black Ops, or at least as good. The game has very solid graphics. It's gotten to the point that most big budget games just look great. The only games i've played lately that seem that much better than anything else is Uncharted 2.

Must be your setting because all my cables are HDMI from the TV to the sourse and the video quality are top notch for a video game.

I set it to 720p and its better.

Thanks for the suggestion.