BF3 for under $30?

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"Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving Day, is often described as one of the busiest — and most deal-filled — shopping days of the year. And it is right around the corner.

Alright, so maybe November 25 isn't that close, but that's not preventing retailers like Walmart from giving us a sneak peek at upcoming deals.

Walmart's most enticing offers this year? Video games.

You'll be able to pick up an Xbox 360 4GB console (with a Kinect accessory and all) for $200 — and you'll get a $50 Walmart gift card to sweeten the deal. If you're more of a Nintendo boy or girl, no worries: There'll be a limited edition blue Wii bundle for $100 and a PlayStation 3 bundle for $200 (no bonus gift cards with those though).

There will also be plenty of discounted games such as "Batman: Arkham City" for $28, "Dance Central 2" for $15 and "Battlefield 3" for $28.

You can check out a copy of your local Walmart's Black Friday 2011 circular ad for a look at the full listing of deals. It should be available online at this time.

Do note that Walmart intends on getting some of the Black Friday festivities started at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving day — yeah, that's a bit early. The electronics deals won't become available until midnight though, so you can at least digest your turkey meal properly before shopping."

- sounds like a sweet deal!


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Saw this earlier today.  Already have battlefield but I'll definitely be getting Batman

hmmm you could probably buy that game for $30 and resell it at gamestop for more.   cmon a $60 game  has to atleast grab $40 at a place like that.  or you can sell it to people on Ebay.   Loads of people would go buy a brand new game for $50.

i hope they sell mw3 for 30 bucks too so i can buy it and take it back to the store i bought it for 60 from and then trade in the opened one to gamestop. hopefully they won't pay attention to the upc code.

Well now you have nothing to ***** about when you have to fork over anther 800 ms points to play online.

you only pay if you buy used

anyways best xmas present you can get your cod fanboy friends is BF3

@poster  BTW  i saw Black ops going for $20 last xmass thats $19.99 at my wally mart, so I bought one LOL its the only game I ever threw in the garbage.. TRUE STORY!

If MW3 ends up being 30 bucks or less for Black Friday, then I will definitely buy one.

Potential GOTY for less than 30 bucks?!?!?!!?  I may have to get it although I typically don't play one player games I've heard nothing but rave reviews on that game.   Nice find and thanks!!