BF3 connection issues ! Being kicked out/lost connection !! Or can't connect period ! !!!!!!!

Title says it all! WTF !!  is going on with this game !!! First it feels like a wannbe COD clone gone bad ( COD is bad enough ! ) it didn't need a even worse clone !

Now connection issues to boot !!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!


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Since the last server patch I've had very little issues with connection lose. IAmSostewped as a point when ever I do have issues, its normally down to my own connection not the servers, try using Server Browser and find local servers with good ping.

The game as been out a little over a 2 weeks and the servers on launch week have been alot better then in previous Battlefield releases.

Not had any connection issues myself - only kicked from a game if I have been afk for a while due to phonecalls, getting a drink etc.

As for the wannabe CoD clone, it all depends on your playstyle and that of your team mates. This game is a team based game unlike CoD and when you have a good team playing their classes properly, ie healing, replenishing ammo etc, and all playing as a team then the game clicks and becomes a truly phenominal gaming experience. When you have a bad team all running and gunning on their own with noone supporting one another, queing for a go on a jet or chopper ignoring the battle raging a couple of hundred metres away, then it does just feel like a cod clone.

get a better internet connection.