BF3 Campaign data corrupted?

I went on xbox to play battlefield 3 campaign and it said the data was corrupted. i tried loading it from the cloud, and running maitenence on the memory. didnt work. anything else i can do?


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If you have a backup on a USB, that might be your last option. Without that, looks like you'll be replaying the campaign...

The campaign is pretty short-even on hard, so I wouldn't worry too much about losing BF3 campaign data.

alright, should I erase the corrupted data before starting a new game?

Definitely erase any corrupted data before starting again. And I'd recommend doing the campaign on Hard- it isn't too "cheapshotty" like other FPS hard modes.

will i get bombarded with grenades like on cod? haha

Much less than COD games (the Treyarch ones are the worst for grenade spamming!)...

Good luck trying to play through the whole thing. Its super boring.

Super boring, yet incredibly easy and short. It took me 5 hours to beat the campaign. 6 hours to beat MW3. You know something's wrong when BF has a shorter story than MW3. Then again BF isn't really for single player, but still. It was so poor in terms of.. well everything.

I notice when I play battlefield my screen freeze after a while.