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Just wondering if anybody has any information on the beta regarding availability. I have played MOH, but do not currently own it. Will that entitle me to an invatation? Or will it be avalible for anyone to download and play?

Thanks in advanced for any information that answers my question :)


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I have been hearing there will be a public demo for everyone to play. No exact set date that I know of but you will need the MOH disc fo get in.

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In the MoH case there is a slip that says you will gain access through the limited edition disc, so I'm pretty sure you need the disc.

If you own MOH then you will get exclusive early access to the Beta via the MOH disc. A couple of weeks later the beta will go live on the market place for all formats.

Thank you for purchasing the Medal of Honor Limited Edition, which included access to the upcoming Battlefield 3 Beta! We are making great progress on Battlefield 3 and can't wait to share it with you. We will be rolling out the Beta during the month of September and you are still on our exclusive list to enter this Beta early.

We are currently running internal tests and a tech-focused closed Alpha Trial. We will be sure to notify you when the Battlefield 3 Beta is available to you. In the meantime, check out some of the latest Battlefield 3 videos and related news at the official site.


The DICE team        Got this today in my email its only EARY ACCESS no big deal I think its only by a couple of weeks the rest of the gamers will get a shot when it goes public

Yup got the same email.  September is a long wait yet.

haven't even looked at that email address in awhile....ehh who cares, I don't like betas for the same reason I don't like renting games.....ya almost feel pressured to play the game for the limited time you got it...instead of the relaxed "play it when I friggin feel like it" mood that goes with ownership

No pressure here I wanna play it!