Potentially this is an excellent game, best around in fact. However, with the lack of graphics (assuming the beta is a washed down version of the final game) and those monster server issues/matchmaking connections etc, is this really a clever idea of releasing a snippet of a technically poor version before the big gun is released next month?

I'm assuming these server issues will get dramatically worse once the rest of the world connect tonight onwards, so how is getting fed up with attempting to connect for 30+ mins going to help me decide to buy this or go for MW3?

They are of course completely differnt games but i am serisouly getting stressed out from the constant connecting efforts, only one game in over an hour last night?!!

Yes, yes, "the server issues will be fixed by the time the proper game is released" i hear you say. Didnt happen for Homefront did it?


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Good idea.

I got my info of twitter, look for Demize99 a lead dice dev. So now and then he announces things like.. "hit detection bug is already fixed in the new build " I have absolutely no clue how to link you through to individual tweets.. but im pretty sure you can find it.. "Demize99" "Repi" "Locust9" "Z1ntho" these are all DICE employees that reveal a lot.

"When we are 5 months ingame, only then the most bugs, and glitches will be patched out."

But is that really good enough??!! when i buy something i expect to buy a finished product. I dont buy a car knowing the trim is all wrong but it will be fixed under warranty in 2 months time. I dont buy a TV knowing the picture quality will be bad until they 'patch it'. You shouldnt settle for anything less than a finished game at $60. If EA/DICE dont deliver a finished game then they will lose future customers - fact. Yes they might keep a diehard fanbase but after several poor releases from EA their customer base is growing weary and they will bring down DICE and the franchise with it.

So MS take way too long to approve anything released on the marketplace, DICE/EA thought they were releasing a Beta ages ago giving them enough time to fix issues. Now we're in a situation where DICE/EA dont have alot of time to react to those issues and the beta software now also appears out of date (it wouldnt have been so bad a month ago). Most other devs release beta's purely for marketting, they also get to find minor issues and patch for release but primarily its to cause hype. EA/DICE dont have the reaction time to solve some of these issues unless they throw loads of resource at it which will cost them more, the result could be that the released and patched version still isnt as polished as consumers would expect. So in summary - its dulled the hype somewhat and its left us nervous. Was it the right thing to do releasing the beta? in my opinion not at this stage as it will only cause them harm (can i just say i'll still buy it but i know alot of casual gamers that have now been put off)

alright, i found something for you...!/Demize99


Note the following comments:


"There's a few caliber settings off yes, but fire modes and fire rates should be fixed."


 "know we resized them at some point to match the real life specs. Not sure it's in the Beta."


"We use beta data to balance the game."


"I am aware of a bug in the BF3 beta that can have a seemingly random impact on damage levels. It has been fixed for final."
And these are only a few hand picked comments i could find the last 2 minutes.. there are hundreds more.. Really interresting.

Which is great but you're saying 'the new build is already fixed.. '

Which would imply that there are no problems that can be found in the beta that arent already fixed...

You mean every issue found in this beta has already been addressed? Wheres the source of this amazing information you draw your knowledge from? (i think what you mean is the graphics and destructability in the beta isnt representative of the final version of the game - not that the whole new build is already fixed)

the new build is already fixed..

Betas are always a good idea.

If you had a huge project to do in school and just did as best you could in one go and turned it in.......maybe you'll do good.

If you had tons of people correct any mistakes, spelling errors, gave constructive criticism, and explained how to make your project UNBELIEVABLE...........which one do you think would turn out better?

This gives them a chance to fix all the stupid glitches that cause "dead" teammates/enemies to still shoot and move around the map.

Boohoo......people don't think the beta looks good........of course it won't......its a Beta.

Regardless to whether or not you pick up MW3 check out this sweet comparison.

BF3 - October 25th

MW3 - November 8th......or whatever

Battlefield will come out 1st and if you don't want to join in on the festivities then be my guest.

I'll be destroying people with my squad while you're waiting for MW3 to release.

Issues will be fixed......maybe it'll take a bit more time after its release but it will be a phenomenal experience.

Normally it would be a good idea yeah..


But you cant hype the whole Battlefield community, and then release an old build beta.

I dont blame DICE for it though.. this beta should be released 1.5 months ago.. but M$ messed that up.. I will play this beta af course, but not to much.. I will play a fully operational battlestation......eeerrrrr (damn you Palpatine!!).. Battlefield on oktober the 27th..

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