BF2 Unlocks?

Sorry if its been asked or is really easy but Id like to know how to unlock the weapon set from BF2.  Meaning the guns like the DAO-12 and the Type 88 LMG.  I used to love those guns back in the day.  I've seen players both higher and lower than myself in rank have them some there must be something obvious that Im missing right?


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Pre order through game stop, or unlock with progression.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think all shotguns are level unlocks, and all are all class weapons.

You receive them through pre order with Gamestop or rank progression. I pre ordered through Gamestop and have yet to unlock them. I'm a bit puzzled.

^^ did you redeem the code you got on your receipt?  When I got mine, the guy circled the code on my receipt and it said redeem in the marketplace.

Yea code on receipt.