BF thoughts for a COD player please

I was talked into playing COD when i first got my xbox, so i've basically played that series since 4.  I got use to the series and never really strayed away from it.  So to jump right to my question...Will i enjoy playing BF3 or would i just get completely destroyed by jumping right into it against what i'm assuming to be mostly ppl that play BF over COD?

The reason i'm throwing this out there is because i never played HALO until Reach and hated it due too all the HALO diehards out there that just destroyed me, it was simple they were good and i sucked lol, they've mostly played it since day 1 and i didnt.   Would this same theory apply for BF3?

I'm not looking for a COD vs BF bashing thread or fanboy thread.  I'm just trying to get a feel of whats to come from those who've played both.  I rarely rent games i usually just preorder something like this and got get it.

Hopefully this makes some type of sense lol,

thx, Boats


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The biggest thing to realize when playing BF is that it is not CoD. Team play and objective trump k/d every time. Your definition of being dominated may be different than an average BF player.

You may be getting killed three times more often than you kill, but if you are playing as a team player and your team is winning then you are not being dominated. However if you are positive 20, but your team has no chance of winning, then you are getting dominated.

The change of pace can be a big turn off if you are used to CoD, but change can be a good thing. I'm still new to Battlefield, but I got the gist of it all so far.

thats basically what i'm looking for, i'm not a stat whore for k/d's or anything like that, but i'm competitive and if i know that i'm gonna just get destroyed, due to me being on such a BF noob and on a big learning curve to those that have played the BF series from inception then i can see me not enjoying it also.  

    The team playing aspect i'd be fine with, but could you explain the change of pace you spoke of a little more? as in, when i die i wont respawn? or an operation flashpoint pace, which i couldnt stand?

thx for the input, boats

You will respawn about the same amount of time in both games, but in Battlefield, you can choose to spawn at your home base or on one your squad mates, assuming they are alive as opposed to CoD's sometimes shady spawn system.

As for the change of pace, it's slower and more tactical than CoD. Call of Duty is a run and gun arcade shooter based mostly on reaction time and internet connection. Not to say slower paced is boring, as people tend to exaggerate running across an entire map.

The maps are way bigger than your average CoD map, making vehicles ideal in many instances. DICE has done a great job balancing vehicle vs ground combat.

In my opinion, Battlefield games are underrated and much better quality than the CoD games as of late.


edit: I can't for the life of me figure out how to double space paragraphs on these new forums....

Ok thanks for the info, i probably will give this one a try, it looks amazing and i'm a big fan of the destructable environment. I love to run and gun, but for an example, homefront was way to much for me to pick up and play at a friends house and try to get into.

hopefully this game will allow me to venture out of my fps comfort zone a little bit and still enjoy. lol

thx again for the info, and i have no clue about the paragraphing on here either.




watch this.


these forum SUCK xbox. way to screw them up.

If it was me in this situation, I would try out Battlefield Bad Company 2. You can get the Limited Edition copy now at Gamestop and that comes with the Onslaught(co-op missions) DLC. It is $39.99 and would be a good investment since BF3 is still about 6 months away.


And as for the pacing in the game. Some of the maps do get crazy and move at speeds close to COD. But it is nothing like having 4 to 5 guys around you at all times shooting at you. But you can have that scenario come up at the objectives. The pacing also depends on which class you decide to use most. If you want to be a sniper(bush wookie around these parts), it will be a boring game. If you try and play like a traditional sniper. In Battlefield, you will need to move with everyone else to be effective. Lastly, about the only thing that you might get dominated by is some of the players that excel in flying helos. But if you got some decent players on you team, you can usually take them down.

There is more action in BFBC2 than in COD.

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watch this.


these forum SUCK xbox. way to screw them up.


I wish you could have official trailers like that with the voice-over(especially that guy). That would be helpful to new players and at least they wouldn't be total noobs. These people would at least have a sense of how to play.

While the pace is slower, I feel the fights are more intense.  This of course depends on what you are looking for and how you are playing.  On many maps you will not run into the constant stream of opposing players but when a tank come rolling up and you try and take it out, it is a lot of fun (or for that matter trying to avoid a vehical because you are not a class that can take one out ie medic).  You are forced to make decisions that affect your team and sometimes it means avoiding the fight to capture an objective, being of use by laying down ammo, reviving, etc.  You are also punished a little by not being allowed to spawn right away after a death (a 5-10 second delay) which has been frustrating for some people I have talked to that come over from COD.  I would recommend making some friends to play with as it is a much better experience when working with people.  Communication is vital.  

Hope you try it out and love it half as much as I do.  

if i were you i would get bfbc2 now and give it chance to get into cos bf3 will be amazing and defo not worth missing out on!,much bigger maps mean much more variation of play,if your getting hammered at the objectives as assault you can always go in as a sniper and can be unhindered for along time while racking up a few kills,depending on your positioning,you also have the medic class which once i got into and unlocked a few weapons and accessories can get you more points than any other class deploying medi- kits and reviving your squad,in return your squad m8s will give you ammo or repair your vehicles or do spot assists for you.its more about gaining points for your team and don't worry too much about k/d's.although it can be frustrating waiting for respawns which can take longer than cod.its worth it as you can spawn back in with your 4 man squad to take tactical my opinion cod is more of a kids game and working as a team in battlefield is much more rewarding and makes you feel like you are working with other players rather than just pointlessly killing them.i have played cod to death and never go back now,i could'nt even be bothered with the dlc,for me battlefield gives you much more rewarding online play.i'm not knocking cod its just very different.

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