BF elite subscription ?!?!

did i miss something big again because Robert Bowling of Activision in a Reddit discussion has apparently said he doesn't feel bad about COD Elite because EA are doing the same with battlefield ?

Heres a link to a site with the Reddit reply


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rob bowling is a liar. I think he's just trying to divert the subject. He doesn't feel bad because he's rich, and the Cod fan base is rabid to throw more money at him.

If you mean Battlelog then no, that will be free.

There is a one off fee to pay for Battlelog, you get a free copy of Battlefield 3 when you pay it.

if my family is any indication of the COD vs. BF demographic ...then they can have their ridiculous COD Elite....because my teenagers are "1337" COD players...legends in their own minds so to speak.

when I listen to my kids play that game...they're irritating "no dude this is no-scope only man bla bla bla..." or "c'mon Adrian lets leave this match, these guys suck bla bla bla" ....yup COD players through and through.

I'll even ask 'em why they don't play any of the BF games I've bought them...they don't have a legitimate answer, but I can tell you on the few occasions they do play BF...they get their tails handed to 'em....naw, they can have their "elite" where they can brag about no-scope kills and the latest Justin Beiber songs

^ Just make sure that you're not the one paying for it. Also, they listen to Justin Bieber?

I think my 13yr old fancy's himself a "hiphop" artist.....sadly, hes a white kid who lives in Idaho.....thankfully, my 15yr old likes some classic metal and recently got into Amon Amarth I bought him like 3 of their albums, I too was an Ironhead at his age

lol @ LAX. My 3 yo son loves heavy metal. when my wife was pregnant with him, she'd get bruises when ever we played Pantera because he was moshing in her tummy. To this day he loves heavy metal, that's my boy.

You guys should send your kids to visit me for a weekend. They'll come back with hair and beards to their waists and broken necks... the good kind.