BF 4 Custom Emblems

How many of you guys have taken the time to do a custom emblem on battlelog? I fooled around with it one night. One thing lead to another and before I knew it I had tooled around for an hour and a half. I would start one and say "nah, that sucks" then start all over. Ultimately I settled on an idea and thought it turned out pretty decent. I tried to make it look a bit more like a subdued (green and black) military patch. I'd post it up but really haven't the foggiest idea how. If anyone knows how to post an emblem, please speak up. For those that have an emblem and know how to post it here, why don't you share your brainchild? I thought it would be kinda cool to see the emblems folks around here have created.


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go on battlelog that's where its visible

no time for that-i collect flag capture ribbons-got around 300 i think

to show one off you can link to the .png or right to battlelog like this

Is that for premium only players or everyone to use and is it like CoD create and emblem? Ive seen a few in game. No beastiality or peni yet, LOL.

Me and my freinds are the Tunnel snakes lol. TUNNELSNAKES RULE!!! took a bitto make the emblems but It's good for an inside laughf now and then

My emblem hasn't worked for weeks, despite having created one. Is there a knack to getting it to display in-game, or is this just another broken feature?

Probably the latter, sadly.  And I like your Gandhi, such yiddishe kop for a goy.