BF 3 Austrial Sever

i created a server about a week ago due to having to wait close to a month for an australian server spot to open main reason for it was to help my friends with there assignment acheivments, now thats done i wish to stat that my server is open for play, however there is a few rules. read server discription for them.


Also, if your one who hasnt done ALL of your assignments and wish to do some, send me a message on XBL and i shall try to help you out with them ( within my server )


XBL TAG: Elysian Dawn

SEARCH MY GTAG IN SERVER BROWSER and it should show up in search results, as i change name from time to time, however at start of server name is always Elysian Dawn's.


Please Enjoy Your day.

Feel free to come join, i have it for another few days, and will be paying to keep server open IF the server doesnt go to waste and no one joins ( if people join i will keep open)


P.S Remember to read and follow server rules please.  ( Unless its for assignement reasons aka ( No M320 yet there is a kill 20 people with underslung grenade launcher assult assigment,


Must message and tell me if your planning on doing assigment and of which one.




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Btw my laptops keyboard dosnt work to well, and miss's some keys i press when typing, i meant AUSTRALIAN SERVER,

REMINDER to always read the server rules, before playing. ive had to kick some people due to the fact they join and play without reading the rules and doing exactly what its alloud, including 2 wall glitchers on metro -.-

i Meant doing what isn't alloud

And dont forget if your in server and wish to play on a map that isnt in rotation or is, message me and ill add / put as next map