Bezerkers of Eastmarch PVP/PVE/Trade Guild in Ebonheart Pact Recruiting

Hello all o/

We have a guild website ( Please excuse the dust )

We here at Bezerkers of Eastmarch are an Ebonheart Pact Guild looking for more people to bolster our ranks. Whether you're a PVP'er, prefer to run dungeons, or a Crafter, we have a place for you in the guild.

We offer:

-Daily PVP groups
-Daily PVE groups
-Crafters are always available to hook you up with gear and help you with research
-Friendly environment where you can hang out on Guild Chat and discuss just about anything.
-We have Werewolf and Vampire players (But for obvious reasons, we ask that you wait a period of time before you get bit)
-We are a multinational guild with players from Europe, and Australia.
-We are also friendly to RP'ers and already have a few that set up RP events
-We have a guild merchant in Mournhold for those of you that are interested in selling items to other players.

All the guild asks in return is for you to put in and be willing to help out fellow guild members and to have fun. Bezerkers of Eastmarch was stood up with the primary purpose of having a mature environment to have fun and to be able to log on and just say "Hey, what's going on today?" and go from there. One way to get the best experience available from the guild is by joining the All Members 1 chat channel. We encourage and please ask that you chat with the rest of the guild and to get to know one another and be active within the guild. At the moment, we are standing with 100+ members strong.

There are certain pre requisites that you should take into consideration before joining the guild. But the biggest one is to be atleast 18 years old. Some exceptions may be made on a case by case situation, where the quality and maturity of the person will be taken into consideration. Most of our members range from 18 all the way up to mid 40's. One of the major pet peeves within the guild is drama and complications, we expect maturity and a certain level of civility. In addition, we do not allow nor condone:

  1. Griefing in general
  2. Scamming, Exploiting, and/or Cheating

Also, we understand that every single member of the guild has a life outside of the game. We do not expect, nor demand, that you sacrifice your time of your life to commit to this guild. Real life always comes first.

If you're still with me by this point ( lol ) Here is a list of our rank structure so you can get an idea of how things work in-game. *NOTE* This guild is run in a democratic fashion, not a monarchy.

Jarl – This is the rank of our Guild Leader “xTACPARTYx” ( Please do not message him. He is currently deployed so please bring all messages to either Urik Valkyer or any of the other Advisors. Thank you in advance )

Jarl’s Bloodkin –This is the rank of our Second in Command; "Urik Valkyer"

Jarl’s Advisor – This position is more of a council where all guild decisions which may shape the future and foundation goes thru these people:

  • SuperrBowen - He is our Human Resources manager. If you have any issues or concerns within the guild, this is the man you want to talk to. He has the resource and ability to make sure all feuds , bad blood, chasms/voids are resolved peaceful.
  • Sh0TguNther4py - He is our Public Affairs manager. He is our primary recruiter and if you are the guild leader of another guild and would like to create an Alliance or a Guild Merger, he is the person to get in contact with. Also heads the recruitment team and sorts thru several player databases.
  • Meek Hazard - He is in charge of our PVP division. Anything and everything involving Player vs Player goes thru him and he is the one you want to get in touch with if Player vs Player is your thing.
  • TopZy the GOAT - He is in charge of our PVE division. If you like to go into dungeons and get involved with that aspect of the game, please let him know so that you can also be part of that.
  • The Legendari1 - He is in charge of the Crafting division for the guild. He manages all guild bank inventory. If you're seeking tradecrafting, The Legendari1 should be your primary contact.

Warlord – As a Warlord, you are considered a Veteran member of the guild and have contributed to several events and assist other members if they can't get in touch with the Jarl's Advisor. Warlords are also considered subordinates of the Jarl's Advisors.

Warband Leader – The Warband Leader supports the Warlord in his endeavors to assist the guild members and run events within the guild.

Warband Officer - This is the first rank as an officer. This rank supports the Warband Leader and Warlord in day to day events. If you are the guild leader of a guild that is Merging with Bezerkers of Eastmarch, this is your guaranteed position.

Warband Sergeant – This position is for members that have established their presence within the guild and are on their way to be promoted to Warband Officer with a little more time and dedication. This is the gateway rank to being promoted into the Officer ranks.

Warband Raider –As a Warband Raider, you are an established member of Bezerkers of Eastmarch and have participated in several events and are an active member of the guild.

Bandit – As a Bandit, you have participated in an event and are beginning your experience in Bezerkers of Eastmarch

Horker – Welcome to Bezerkers of Eastmarch. Quickest way to get out of this entry rank is by either recruiting another member, or being proactive within the guild.

You can get in touch with Sh0TguNther4py (note the "o" is a "zero") on Xbox Live if you'd like to apply to the guild, or you can leave an application on this thread and one of the recruitment members will be in touch in a traditional MMO style.

Example of an application is:

GamerTage: KineticTrauma

TimeZone: Mountain Timezone

Age: 24

Class: DragonKnight

Race: Nord

Tell us something about yourself.

I drive an Evo X :P

As always, hope everyone has fun and enjoy the game



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is this guild still active and have an active guild merchant somewhere?  every guild i join ends up losing their bid after 1 week.  i am willing to donate to the cause---just looking for somewhere to sell ...  thanks