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So it may be early seeing GTA V wont be out for four to six months.  Would you like the next instalment to be set in modern times or in the past. 


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The only reason for the recycling of cities is because it is based in a "parody of real world America"; therefore, the cities they've chosen continuously have been in real world America. I too would like to see the game return to London or some other place but that's what computer mods are for since I highly doubt that Rockstar will go to other countries outside the US "until [we] have simulated the world outside".

I'm such a big fan of GTA that I really don't care where they chose to set their games, not been disappointed in any setting, they have all been great!

I honestly like moderne time more than the past, so modern times for me. Never get tired of how R* parody America in modern times. The past was more like parodies following a specific movie or something. With modern times, I feel R* is able to capture the "parody of America" they are always reaching for.

^ GTA have already official gone to London, just not since the 3D era, that's why isaid it would be nice to return...

Where ever they go it will likely be a well know iconic place.  

You have to admit though, Marwood, that seeing Liberty City, Vice City (I believe they will revisit it in VI), and San Andreas recycled does get a tad bit repetitive, right? True; they may be "updating the setting" but it's still based on the same cities.

(Modern times)

I feel it's time for the series to return to London. I love gta4 but feel the series is getting a little stale with the same old cities (to me they all look roughly the same) and same accents over and over.....

Indeed it would, but as I stated before, R* claimed they wouldn't traverse outside the US until "they can simulate the outside world (aka the US, I think).


However, I do support a return to another country outside the US and/or London, just buy a pack of aspirin for the *wee woo wee woo*.

^ 100% agree.