Beyond frustrated with my purchase.

I normally don't come and post on the forums when I'm upset about a purchase. Not all games are triple a blockbusters, I understand that. But I expect more from Zenimax and Bethesda. These server issues are not acceptable. Why on earth are you going to push the original launch date several months later just to release a broken game to the fans? 

I am beyond disappointed with my purchase to a degree where I demand my money back. I believe that the gamers who fork over the monthly subscription get better queues, Like DICE offers their premium subscribers. Which is fine because it's in the fine print. But I was unaware of the issues this game has been struck with.

Yes you might argue that Halo: The Master Chief Collection was riddled with launch issues as well, but key difference was I could still play the product I paid for. This game offers no alternative way to play unless it's online and connected to a server. Which in the game defesnse I knew it was an MMO which needs to be connected to the internet all the time to function, but that's my point. It does not function the way I was sold to. And in that regard, I want my money back so I can purchase a fully functional product.


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You should give up MMORPGs all together as there is no such thing as not having launch issues the first week of release.  By your words in your post it is obvious that you have not played many of these types of games or very few of them (and no Destiny does not count).  MMORPGs always have issues the first week of launch.  It is just the nature of the beast.  They have been working 24/7 to try and fix them.  Give it time to be repaired.  There are always unforeseen issues that cannot be predicted or fixed due to beta testing.