better then part 2?

i was thinking of buying this and then i tought about part 2 maybe i should just stay with part 2 and save 40 bucks lol is it better then part 2 or is it difrent enough for me to get it and enjoy playing both games?


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also was wondering can you team up online? like 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3?

anybody out there?

I had the MvC2 for PS2 & XBOX, and the XBLA MvC2, and yes, I was one of those tools that bought MvC3 & Ultimate MvC3. ^_^  2 & 3 are about equal to me. 3 does have an easier combo system, but it's just as deep as MvC2. If you're going to bother, go ahead and get Ultimate. It's much more worth the 40$. Teaming up online, I don't think so. I didn't play 2 online at all (lack of skillz) but as far as I've seen it's 3 on 3 with one player controlling each set of 3. There are more than enough new characters in 3 to warrant a buy if you enjoy 2.