Better Crossbows for Vampire Lord choice?

I was wondering if there was access to the better crossbows (Enhanced, Dwarven, Dwarven Enhanced) if you chose to side with Harkon? I finished the main quest line for it, haven't gotten any besides the original one you get from the beginning of the quest line. I was also wondering if there's a way to craft bolts for the crossbow/enchant them?


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I don't believe you can. The upgraded crossbows/bolts are only available to the Dawnguard i'm pretty sure, which is a shame, considering how AWESOME the vampire lord transformation is.

After all, the puny vampire hunters need something exclusive to their faction. Why would anyone join otherwise?

I sided Dawnguard and have only acquired the Enhanced Crossbow. And yes you can make bolts for the Crossbow only steel and elven i believe,

just become a vampire from serana after your done with the quest and have the crossbow crap

My character can currently make the Enhanced Dwarven Crossbows along with enchanted bolts.  She can even make dwarven enchanted bolts.  Ingredients are dwarven bolts plus either Fire Salts (for exploding fire), Frost Salts (exploding ice ones), or Void Salts (for the exploding shock ones).  

I don't know if we can make higher than that. I went through all of the Ancient Technology quests the chick at Fort Dawnguard would give me, but I don't know if more will open up afterwards.  She mentioned something like that at the beginning.  Also, I didn't have the option to make these items at the forge in Whiterun but when I went to Fort Dawnguard they showed up, so it's possible that you can only make them there.  I'm not sure about that but I know for sure you can make them.