Better Business Bureau & False Advertisement

I just saw this quick article on Twitter & though people might want to check it out.


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Yeah, I saw that on Kotaku yesterday (or earlier today, I'm unsure).  I laughed at little at just how seriously people have gotten their panties in a twist about ME 3.  It's not like we've ever had a disappointing sequel before...

What do they hope to accomplish by going to the BBB? Btw gotta love the picture in the article with two jabronies obviously not playing ME3. Unless I missed the memo about the MP being coop split screen that's a really poorly researched stock photo.

I'm not sure what BBB is - A governing body?  And who has 'gone to the BBB'?  I know the bit about ElSpiko going to the FTC, but that link looks more like an article than notification of a complaint to an authority.  Here in the UK we have the ASA and Trading Standards who govern fair advertising and consumer rights.


But anyway, I guess what 'they' want to get out of it is validation that ME3 as a product was mis-sold, and in turn some support?  It'll be interesting to see how it plays out, since it's a complex argument - we're talking about an intellectual, creative property.  Such a question has never brought up before, just look at the comments saying 'there have been bad sequels before and no one complained like this'.  ME is different since it's an interactive story, and it was sold on the basis of your control over how that story plays out.  The pre-release quotes from Bioware, Casey Hudson, etc, are all pretty damning.  They sold ME as a product for 5 years on this principle.  And lots of us are angry, in varying degrees, that we didn't get what we were told we were buying.  But the question is, is this different, and how different is it to simply being told 'this game will be good' and then no disagreeing... if they had said 'you will be able to blow buildings up with this gun' and then said gun didn't exist, could one of us lodge the same sort of complaint?  It's the scale of ME and the principle it's been marketed on for so long that has pushed it this far, I think.


I personally wouldn't have taken it this far, but that doesn't mean others shouldn't.  And if they get backed up how they want to be, then won't the rest of us actually be glad?  It's an interesting matter at the very least, and it could set a precedent.

The BBB can't really do anything except ruin a companies reputation with people who pay attention to the BBB. I know plenty of other companies are poorly rated on there and nothing happens to them. That's why I asked what they thought they'd accomplish with this.

What is the legal definition of false advertising?  Or the elements required to prove false advertising?  Just so we can differentiate between that and normal advertising, which is always to some extent false and misleading.  

Definition of false advertising according to

the crime or tort of publishing, broadcasting, or otherwise publicly distributing an advertisement that contains an untrue, misleading, or deceptive representation or statement which was made knowingly or recklessly and with the intent to promote the sale of property, goods, or services to the public

The article that is linked to even states that 'technically, yes they did false advertise' according to the BBB.

Unless your BBB is different, they only deal with local business. So I can't sic them on xbox live. They can only rap the company on the knuckles if the company has jioned the BBB. If not, they may call the company.  So complaining to  the BBB is like griping to teacher that the soda collection sucks at  the 7/11 across the street.

Isn't this taking the EA/BioWare bashing a little too far?  Nah, the Bashers are in desperate times and appear to be clinging to life support with this one.  Whether you agree with EA's business practices, they're still very much at the forefront (and have been for some time now) on delivering a cutting edge product with vast resources, the much discussed "Better With Kinect" decision appears to be the Catalyst, pun intended, for other top of the line titles following suit, was that not Skyhoop, or whatever it's called, on the dashboard going Kinect on you all?  The EA logo has graced arguably more great titles over the years than just about everyone else, as with Activision and Atari, the underated 'Batman Begins' game sports the EA logo and my new favourite, The Beatles RockBand boasts one of my favourite EA logos of them all, the Guitar Pick!  Not to worry there Bashers, you know what they say, the bigger they are the harder they..........:-)

No matter how you frame it, it seems to be more a matter of mere dissatisfaction w/ the ending rather than false advertising.  As mentioned above, the three endings you can choose are "radically different" from one another.  One can argue the PRESENTATION of those endings is similar, but you'd be hard pressed to explain why Synthesis, Destroy, and Control are the same choice.

There is very little ground for legal action here. 

Sure EA bashing is something I never understood till I made it a point of replaying ME1&ME2. Before I bought the very expensive limited Edition with everything so I sought. Game play is disappointing OK but when one has to die 300 times on normal setting to defeat a Reaper Ship alone in the open no hiding place at all, finally getting a kill but then it wakes up and doing it a second time, after 361 being killed then the game freezing up and have to do it all over again !. There is no Fun no Challenge and no sought in this last but worst Mass Effect Game just the revenge of some perverted Game Nerd's on us normal Gamers; I have played many games on insane or lets say the highest levels and came trough eventually . The Game would also not accept my old Sheppard even do I played it twice ME2 on normal and Veteran, now a quarter of the way into ME3 I actually cried and have deleted and smashed the Box ripped the books and cut up the DVD I also deleted the Game of my Hard Drive. Well Done EA I'll never ever buy any EA Games again and it is hurting me because they used to be a Good Game outlet . I'm a sucker for spending $125 on ME3 and even finally bought a KINECT $124 (Pensioner Discount lol)


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