Bethany or Carver? Which do you prefer?

Just wanted to know what this community thought about (your) Hawke's interactions with his/her siblings.


Way back on my first playthrough I didn't think too much about Carver's death. My thoughts were "clearly he is an uninteresting side character like all the other poor saps who can't survive a Bioware prologue." But after two playthroughs as a mage, I think his story is far more interesting than Bethany's.


Since my Hawke generally goes the "friends with EVERYBODY!" route, Bethany just sorta fell into the big pile of friendship. She just doesn't do much, other than her shadowed frame being a constant reminder that I have no healers except Anders: Angst Edition.


I felt that Carver had much better growth as a character, especially if ***you have him join the Grey Wardens.*** Seeing him go from hating you to standing with you at the end felt a lot more satisfying than "Oh yeah Bethany, guess you can rejoin the party now." Though maybe I'm just biased because Mage Hawke has all those bonus interactions with people.


Now don't get the wrong idea, I like both Bethany and Carver, I just like the latter better. What are your opinions? I wish we had an option so they both survived, but that's never gonna happen.


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I preferred Bethany over Carver... just having a party of female characters with my male rogue/warrior seemed right :D

To be honest I think they are as good as each other, I mean Carver has a better story and interactions but Bethany is pretty damn hot. Shame I can't research necromancy as a mage and bring her back and have both.

Bethany looks so cool in her Grey Warden gear and her overall personality is very cheerful unlike her doom and gloom brother

Bethany - cause she is hot. enough said.

Really dudes? Cause she's your sister.

I like Carver a lot better. Interesting character interaction > Well designed pixel layout.

Carvers is a pain.I dislike him...alot.Think it's really stupid I can't have mage brother/sister,sister/sister.Hate using fighter/rouge just to have Bethany.Bethany is best.

I prefer Bethany. Carver's attitude is just grating.

Bethany, Carver was a whiny little twerp

Carver was a sullen, sulky brat of a brother.  Didn't shed one tear when he got wasted.  

Carver annoyed the heck out of me with his Doom and Gloom

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