Beta+Caspian Border Map= Better Test of Gameplay for Console

They need to add the Caspian Border Map to the console beta. I am originally a PC Battlefielder and we already know the PC version will be mayhem with 64 players, access to Jets, Helicopters, Tanks, etc. Until I experience vehicle combat on console, I have no reason to buy Battlefield 3. I am very familiar with Bad Company 2 and if I can not see a leap forward in gameplay then I want nothing to do with this game. It seems to me that DICE and EA are going down the same road as the Call of Duty Series, i.e, releasing basically the same game over and over again with minor tweaks to gameplay and the engine then packaging it as something brand new. I am beginning to think the game is not balanced for consoles and the beta is an attempt to leave us wanting more, however; if you buy their game I think you will end up getting short handed if you are a console player. The PC version has 1-64 players per server. This is the way Battlefield games are meant to be played. If you play on console with 2-24 players, the maps with Vehicle's are too vast for an immersive gameplay experience. On these maps you will most likely feel like you are in a small skirmish in a larger war but the point of the game is to make you feel as if you are part of a large battle.

PC>>>1-64 players with Jets, Helicopters, Tanks, etc.

Xbox 360/PS3>>>2-24 players with Jets, Helicopters, Tanks, etc.


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I think and hope that the maps will be balanced well for console regarding map size/player count.

Conquest for consoles will be scaled down.

All I hope for consoles is balance in terms of map size/player count/ and number of vehicles. Some maps in BC2 didn't have enough and people had to run/walk to the objectives