Beta not playing

So I've tried downloading the Beta off of XBox Live a number of times. I've deleted it, cleared out the cache, even shut down the "box" and buried it in the back yard with a sack of mung beans... Nothing. Every time I boot up the game it just keeps flashing through the title screens. On the off chance I get the prompt to "Press Start", the titles leave the screen and I'm left with the Battlefield 3 art blazing away....

Til the whole thing blips again and does it all over again! (Not to mention twice it's frozen up the "Box")

Any suggestions? Am I the only one??


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The times I have had trouble with, I just shut off the Xbox, turned it back on and everything was okay.  Although I wasn't having a problem loading the actual game, just joining servers.

Yeah I can't even get the game to get past the "Start Screen". I've rebooted the XBox, Unplugged it over night, Deleted and redownloaded the Beta (numerous times) and still I can't make it past that screen...

EA servers are having issues with the xbox beta at the moment

Thanks Poppa!

mine wont work at all.  a box appears saying error, and cant get past loaad screen.

 was looking forwars to playing some tonight!

Same thing is happening to me.  The first time I downloaded it, it would show the frostbite logo and ea logo, then the start screen.  Finally it would go to a loading screen with tips about weapons loadouts and just sit there loading.  So I deleted the file, downloaded it again.  Now when I hit the start button on the title screen the frostbite logo, ea logo, and ratings logo run... then back to the title screen only to have it continue this loop over and over.