Beta Error!


Ive just downloaded the beta after a long wait, attempted to load up multiplayer and was greeted with a error message, canceled the message off and it is now stuck in loading and wont load whatsoever,  has anyone else had this problem and got any solutions?




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Please try reading the rest of the forum (or using the search) before posting very common problems.


(btw, the connection issues are with EA servers, every single person is having trouble getting in)

I do usually, just abit eager to play haha, so whats the situation, re-install or wait it out?

keep trying to get into games, no need to reinstall. Some say it can be solved by clearing your cache on the xbox. Most people just end up mashing the A button for half an hour until they get in a game.

It will only get worse today now the beta is open to all, the servers are likely to strain. I'm personally waiting it out a couple of days

try to dashboard and then reload the game.  that should do the trick

Tried everything, getting seriously fustrated with it now, even tried linking my ea accounts to gamertag etc, and logging into battlelog but it says cannot log in :@