Best Year in Gaming Ever

This fall season has been the best year in gaming ever. My two reason are Gears of War 3 and Batman Arkham City.  These two games are amazing, everything I was hoping for, and they are massive.  Gears will take me over a year to get everything and Arkham City will take at least 2 months with all the challenge requiring you play as Batman, Robin, Catwoman and Night-Wing.  Too much good stuff, and I know many people out there are eagerly awaiting many more upcoming AAA titles.  I am done buying game this year, but saving cash to pay for all the kick @@@ DLC coming up. 


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It has been a good year and I still have to pick up BF3, Skyrim and possibly MW3.... still not sure about that last one.

agreed.  battlefield 3, MW2, skyrim, assassins creed, saints row the third still to go.  Batman Arkham City is hands down the BEST super hero game made to date, imo.

I feel you Billy Zane...Am buying Saints Row The Third, SKYRIM, BF3 and thats it. Am so broke that the protesters from Wall Street are going to lend me money, Get it, get it....dumb joke...hahahahahahaha

Yep, this year has just so many great games that it requires us to be conservative with our game play, I don't have enough time to play them all, let alone money to buy them. I know I will come back to some of these games later, only playing my favorites first.  In the only clean words of Bulletstorm's Grayson Hunt, "Its Christmas come early boys."

The only problem I have is, the coulda spaced them out better.   There really was crap in the spring and summer.  Gears, BF, Batman, Skyrim heck I might skip COD.  Even Rage was good too.

Yeah, am skipping COD. I have a feeling that COD MW3 is a Copy and paste game, even if it have different kill streaks (well sought of) its the same concept.