Best weapon of these.

Hey everyone, I would like to know everyone's opinions on these. Should I use the predator bow, gl95, rig, or flare gun. I'm looking for a gun with destructive capabilities (ie. blowing up a jeep).


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Is this in a custom map? Anyone of those except the bow will blow up a jeep just fine.

Bow for everything. Thats basically all I used in the single player. It's a pity the fire arrows don't actually work, but the explosive ones certainly do.

I think none of those. I would recommend using either the Spas-12, the Bushman, (It's a signature weapon), the Shredder,

(Also a signature weapon), the AMR (Also a signature weapon), or if you're not happy with any o' those try an RPG or a

GL-94. Also C4 is a HUGE help a lot of the time. Sorry that this wasn't the best of THOSE weapons there but the ones above are my personal favorites. Have a nice day!