Best way to practice pilot skills?

Hey, is there sp mission or co-op mission where i can go to improve my piloting skills cuz right now i really suck....I go up, i come down...pretty sad really. Just wondering if there were specific maps or single player missions where i could goto practice, thx guys..happy gaming !!



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co-op mission "fire from the sky" is an excellent place to practice your chopper piloting/gunning skills. though, i don't know of any to practice the jets unless you jump into a multiplayer session.

Your best bet is to play Conquest matches and TRY to snag a vehicle before someone else and just fly around to learn the controls a bit better.  Your team might not like you for it, but it's the only way to really learn how to operate them.

The coop mission is the best place to practice how to control the helicopter.

As said to me, unless you do that co-op mission. TRIAL BY FIRE!

I learned in the coop mission as well. I even taught a kid how to fly in there as well...


A jet mission would have been nice though. I'm OK at best flying jets.

You HAVE to have flares to last more then 30 seconds in match. starting there are two ways to get them - kill something with your helo, or capture a flag.  I got mine hovering over the gas station on Kharg.  No matter how much pratice you get, you need a defensive perk to ditch the heat seekers that will lock on you the instant the match starts.   Once you get them you'll need to know when to use 'em, but thats a topic for another thread.

Want to get good fast?

Practice in a live multiplayer match.

I've gotten much better.

So I'm pretty much versatile with every vehicle now.

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