best way to kill a dragon?

im only on level 6 so please bear that in mind


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It depends, what kind of skills do you use?

Well my approach is the "Scaredy cat" technique.  I hid under an archway, in a house, or behind walls or rocks.  I wait for the dragon to expend his breath at me then step out and shoot a couple of arrows at him, then duck out sight again.  If your patient and keep this up, you will eventuallyl kill him.  But it takes a while.

ive got the combat thing..i have a steel sword lol and i have a bow and arrows and as you can tell im a complete novice

is this your first dragon you have come across? (i can only imagine it is being a lvl6)  if there are people with you let them do the heavy lifting, kinda sit back and peg hm with arrows, when his health is drained to a pretty low amount, SAVE, then run up and smack him with your sword from the side, dont let his face come twoards you though, he will chomp down on you then its curtains.

Dragons are scary at level 6. I use destruction and at first I would back into a wall and when it landed in front of me zap it and when it flew off takes potions to replenish my health and magic. I was surprised by how well that worked. I haven't ever bothered trying to attack while they are flying. They always go to ground when their health is low.

It really helps if there's other creatures or people around because at times during the battle the dragon will take his attention off of you and start attacking the others. This gives you a great opportunity to lay some damage into the dragon. You could take a follower around with you and they could take some of the attention or you could conjure up an Atronach or Familiar to create a diversion. Followers and summoned creatures can also put a hurting on the dragon.


Make sure you have one long ranged weapon or ability (bow or magic) and an up-close attack like a sword. Dragons tend to hover above the ground and not completely land until you bring their health down a bit. Shoot some arrows into him to soften him up.


Next you're going to want enchanted weapons. Dragons are susceptible to enchanted weapons more than other creatures, plus the enchantment adds extra damage. Some dragons breathe fire and some breathe ice. Fire enchantments work better on frost breathing dragons and frost enchantments work better on fire breathing dragons.