Best thing you stole from someone/house

Let me know!! i have bad luck finding good stuff when i pickpocket or break in a house... let me know what it was and where you found it so i can get an idea of where to look


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a life, it was asleap in bed lol

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a life, it was asleap in bed lol



i did that a few times haha

The Elven Bow in a room inside The Companions place. It was on expert and I managed to open it in two tries. I've been using it quite a bit now.

Also, inside the College of Winterhold I stole a staff of magelight. Or whatever it's called. It's valued at 2400g and I might end up selling it...



30 Daedric Arrows, every arrow type below it barring Ebony and an Ebony Dagger off someone when I first started experimenting with pickpocketing.