Best thing that you've done so far?

With this game, I am always excited about getting into a new match. It seems like a different experience every time.

Favorite thing so far was parachuting from a helicopter and then planting mines from behind enemy lines and watching the destruction as the enemy ran over them.


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I don't even know where enemy lines are. Everybody was just everywhere this morning it was crazy.... and I loved it.

I went 14-1 in my first match online.  Got the 1st place MVP achievement to boot.  That will most likely NEVER happen again.  The planes flying over head....AWESOME.  Even though I didn't pilot one, just the sound effects were fantastic.  What a great game.

Headshotting someone halfway across Caspain Border with a silenced M1911. :)

19 and 7 on the first map I played. MVP and a ton of points, I even ranked up..haha I was going crazy with the tank! :)

Epic dogfight on Caspian border.  Took out their plane and helicopter a few times only to run into the giant @@@ tower.