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Whats the best sniper rifle in the game?


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M98B with 8x scope.

The only one worth using I have unlocked is the EMR, and I rarely use that. I have to start using the 870 so I can get slugs. Then I can use that as my long range weapon.

M16A4 with Bipod and Rifle Scope.

People do indeed forget about selecting rate of fire. Single shot assault rifles can be both very accurate and deadly.

He asked for the best sniper rifle, not the best weapon to snipe with. :P

Its all about personal preference. I your gonna wanna decide between a semi-auto or a bolt-action sniper rifle. I prefer bolt action, I feel I can be more accurate and controlled. However I know people who completely disagree. As far as damage I'm not believe all bolt-actions do the same amount, while all semi-autos do the same amount. I switch off between the SV98 and the M450A5. I cant stand the M98B , it feels to slow when chambering the next round. If I had to choose I feel most comfortable with the SV98. Just keep playing sniper and try out the new ones you unlock. Each gun has a unique feel to it. As far as scopes I prefer a 12x, combined with my sensitivity I like the tracking speed it gives me, Again this is all personal preference your gonna have to try them all and see which feels most comfortable.

M98B has almost no bullet drop and it is extremely accurate. I don't think it's even for chambering the next round, I think the M98B is just as quick as the SV and M40.

Eh, might not be for you. In my brief use of it I didn't notice it being much more accurate or having less bullet drop. It might chamber as fast as the others, it just feels slower it me.

My Tank.

The M98B I believe is the best because you have to compensate less for bullet drop off. That said...If you use a rifle long enough then you will get used to the drop off. It's interesting then because if you go to use another rifle, you'll be all off at long range. So my advice is to find one you like and stick with it.

The only time I switch is to use the SKS (or now I'm trying out the new semi from Karkland) for close quarters combat. They screwed up the IR scope so it's less fun on Metro, but I still manage with an RDS sight or even ACOG. You can do pretty amazing things with an SKS and I don't think you're at a huge disadvantage compared to assault rifles. Assault rifles go too fast with ammo and you feel compelled to keep them at a fast fire rate and spray to suppress. Then you look and you're out of ammo. I feel that a semi auto sniper rifle, you're at least thinking more about your shots and there's less recoil (or as much, but by the time you can fire the next round the gun has came back down by then).

I've unlocked all sniper rifles in the game except the EMR and the new bolt action in Karkland. I also have over 800 sniper kills and a recon service star. Basically, I've used them all. Not only that, but I have most of all the weapon unlocks for each one. I've tried a lot of combinations.

It's sad that many of the attachments are a complete waste. I wish they would have put a little more thought into it... Even if it resulted in less unlocks -- that's fine, but don't give me a useless item. I also wish bolt action rifles were a one shot one kill.

The M98B CAN be a one shot one kill in the head or center mass. Always the head. Sometimes the center mass. I want to say it's because maybe the player was damaged, but sometimes I swear it's 100% health center mass kill. It could be range? I don't know.

Anyway, you want to use the straight bolt pull on these weapons unless you are at extreme ranges. Then 12x scope and bipod. You do NOT need a bipod for an 8x scope or anything less. You can steady those! If you have an 8X scope or lower power, then you are closer. If you are closer, you want the reload speed of the straight bolt pull.

Keep in mind the M98B has 5 (+1 chambered) shots whereas the M40 has 10+1. I DO like the M40 and it also has less drop off...But something about it I feel like isn't as good as the M98B. I think it is probably the drop off even though it's ever so slightly more compared to the M98B. I would say it's up to how you feel about how much ammo you have.

Also, I usually always use ammo specialization. I find that I don't die often and run out of ammo a lot. However, suppression bonus is good to have so when you miss (which is typically by a little bit) you're at least taking away their ability to accurately return fire.

Use the MAV. Paint targets (you can also spot through your rifle scope of course, actually any weapon zoomed in you can hit select with to EVERYONE should be doing this...unless maybe it's only recon class that can I don't know for sure). Alternatively if you don't feel like helping your team, use the TUGS to cover your rear.

Anyway this is going off subject.

Best gun? M98B for sure. I will try the new Karkland bolt action rifle, but from what I've read the range is less (I saw 800 meters vs the 1200+ of the M98B and the 1000 of the M40). So I'm probably still gonna stay with the M98B.


Here is a damage chart pre patch.  The M98B is definitely the strongest rifle.

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