Best SMG to Duel-Wield? and perk help..

So, i'm triyng out an SMG Duel-wield class, and atm i have the following;


Skorpions Duel-Wield

Python Duel-Wield/Balistic Knive (for w.e i'm in the mood for)

Lightwieght/Scavanger(i honestly cannot pick which is better)

Steady Aim


So i was wondering, ar the skorpions the best SMG to have duel-wield? i tried some other ones, there ok..havn't tried kiparis or w.e yet, and should i do scavanger to get ammo back or keep the light weight? (keep in mind i have both pro, and steady aim pro, just not marathon yet.)


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The Skorpions do the most damage up close, but have a steep drop-off. If you can consistently get close to the enemy, then they are probably the best. I think they also do a decent job at distance.


I use a single pistol. It helps when I come across someone who likes to abuse head glitching spots. I have a better chance of getting that small piece of their head that sticks up over the item they're standing behind.


Steady Aim is a must with this class.


I like Lightweight. The drop in damage with the Skorpions makes Lightweight a valuable attribute. It makes closing the gap that much easier.


I've tried Ninja and Marathon. I can't stand stopping every two seconds, so Marathon for me.


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