Best RPG... ever?

I waited and picked up the Ultimate Edition once it went on sale, still have so many other games to play... but I cannot believe I waited this long! What an amazing game! Only on first playthrough, currently as an elf magi. So much interaction, in depth character development, variety of personalities, great story, fun fighting which is also very difficult at times.. I am blown away. One of the things that makes it very real is the conversation options. It's not always clear which is 'paragon/renegade' and that adds to the deliberation trying to choose the best responses. I am a big fan of Mass Effect, Fallout, Oblivion, Final Fantasy, LO, but this.. this is just EPIC RPG! What are your favorite aspects of this game? How do you think it rates against other RPGs? -me (another player lost in love with Alistair... *sigh*)

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Hahaha, i really like your sig.

Do not know if DA:o is the best RPG ever, but certainly one of my favorite games. The game has a lot of frame issues and some really nasty glitches, but the game makes for it with: great  NPCs interactions, dialogue, and loot.

My favorite aspects (in that order):

  1. Morrigan
  2. Dialgue Options
  3. Origins Stories (especially the Dwarf noble, Human Noble, and City Elf)
  4. Interactions with party members
  5. Spells

Have you played DA II? I (like many people ) consider it inferior from DA. Not a bad game but certainly not as good as Origins.

Haven't gotten DA2 yet, although I've heard quite a few people saying it was a let down and step backwards from DAO (I'm not sure why though?). Ah yes, frame rate issues and such, I agree but I do my best to overlook/disregard those problems, seems almost every game has them.

It seems you're in the same position as me in terms of getting the game late and loving it. I have to say its up there for me as one of the best RPG's I've ever played. I also played the game as an elf mage and I like all the same RPG you mentioned above, although I do feel dragon age is brilliant.

I ended up picking the ultimate edition up for £20 about two months ago - one of the best bargains I've ever bought thats for sure!

Another one here late to the party. I actually got this game when it first came out  but my OH played it and my impressions watching little bits of his game were that it was more fighting and less RPG. How wrong could I be!! ( I was more used to JRPGs at the time so you can forgive me) So i've only recently got round to playing it but it is now at firmly in first ( at least joint first) place in my  favourite RPGs ever list. Incidentally my warden was an elven mage too, and I'm also a little bit in love with Alistair. *blush*

I kept hearing how great this game is, so I got the Ultimate Edition...

I have never wanted more to smash anything to pieces!

I constantly have no clue what I'm supposed to do, and there's so many unavoidable conversations that I'd rather just watch tv.

I love games like Oblivion and Two Worlds... I've finished those, but Dragon Age takes frustration to whole new levels.

@gizmoogle - 'just a bit' she says.. hee! I'm head over heals here! *swoon* Alistair is an amazing character and I love how the romance was done in the game. @Jameser78 - the many converstations are what makes this so much RPG instead of just action game with a little RPG thrown in (at least IMO) - plus talking is how you find quests and progress the story. That's a shame you found it frustrating, sorry to hear it!

@AbsoluteApril - lol, well when I say a little.... :) I've challenged my friend to play the game without falling for Alistair - I don't think she'll manage it - it's impossible!  I agree the romance was done really well. i enjoyed the romance plot of ME but I think it's much more intricate in DA:O.  I'm just a sucker for a good love story anyway! lol

I agree about all the conversations making this a great  RPG too. It's where all the characterization comes from and I love the way you have the power to completely change the way a conversation goes depending on your responses. My OH skips through 'all the boring talking bits' and i find it so frustrating - I just want to shout 'Argh you're missing all the best bits'.

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I highly recommend Divinity 2 - DKS for those of you that haven't already tried it, I find it similar to Dragon Age in many ways.


There are no romance-options, you don't have a party, the dialogue is good, but not as good as in DA, not turn-based, more open-world than DA and it has a rather limited character-customization, but damn that is a fun game! Tons of quests, loot and fighting.


Oh, and for large parts of the game you can morph into a dragon!

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